New Pilots

Welcome New Pilots!  Thanks for taking interest in Majestic Airways. Below there is some info about the airline, its hubs and staff and the different ranks you can progress through by flying with us.

The pilots of Majestic Airways will be challenged to compete with fellow pilots to earn the most money, get the highest bonus, get the highest ranks and fly the bigger aircraft. Pilots should be ready and up to the challenge, and most importantly want to better the airline and increase its status within the flight sim community.

If you’ve read through everything and you are ready to join, click here to be taken to the registration page, where you will sign up for fsairlines and also send a request to join Majestic Airways. You can expect to be accepted to the airline within 12 hours. check back on to check your status and book flights. Please note that when the registration page asks you to choose a starting airport in the drop down box, that only airports that have an active aircraft at it owned by Majestic Airways will be listed, allowing you to fly directly from there without having to transfer to a new airport.

Pilots will be challenged to move up the ranks by flying and increasing flight time, proving you know how to fly the aircraft and successfully completing flights. The reward for this is and increased rank, with a higher pay and added type ratings for a wider variety of flights to choose from.

Note: The ability to fly cargo is obtained when you reach the rank of First Officer 2nd Class.


London, Heathrow  (Main/European Hub, Manager: James Gourlay)

Boston, logan International  (United States Hub, Manager: TBD)

Dubai, Dubai International   (Middle Eastern Hub, Manager: TBD)

Pilot Rank’s:   (Includes aircraft not yet in fleet)

Flight Commander:   20% VA income/flight   450+ hrs   A346, A388, B748I, B789

Flight Captain:   15% VA income/flight   325-450 hrs   A345, B744, B772, B788

First Officer 1st Class:   12% VA income/flight   200-325 hrs   A333, A343, A359, B753, B763

First Officer 2nd Class:   9% VA income/flight   100-200 hrs   A321, A332, A342, B752

Charter Pilot:   6% VA income/flight   50-100 hrs   A320, B735, B738

Trainee:  2% VA income/flight   0-50 hrs   A318, A319