Aircraft Routes Being Added

Hey everyone,

Our flight plans for passengers at least is being done now. We have about 260 of the 400+ routes completed. Ranks are going to be added twords the end of the update, with the website. Again, out airport list is not 100% complete! We will take destination suggestions by anyone who does/wants to fly for us. although the airports we service can change after all the flights are added, the destination airport list will be released at a later date, closer to when all the flights are added – after all flights are added, the list of airports will pretty much be set – though we may add some more over time depending on where pilots want to go and what routes make money!

Cargo routes and hopefully corporate routes will be done after pax routes are completed.  Training flights will be assigned and ranks will then be loaded.

we will have more information for you soon! Flights will be able to be booked hopefully by next week.


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