Major update to airline website, ranks and routs.

Hey guys, Just want to inform anyone who follows the blog about a major update to the airline.

we are first going to work on the fsairlines part of the airline, which includes the rank system and the routes/aircraft. We are keeping all current aircraft, and may buy 1 more A318 to even it out at 4. We are keeping all A318’s at London City airport and routing them on the atlantic crossing to JFK, and some smaller airports in europe and Ireland. with 4, we should have enough for anyone who wants to fly them, but as they are smaller aircraft and dont pose as much of a profit to the airline as the larger aircraft and routes do, we dont have many.

routes will hopefully have the capability now for a few flights a day – so a flight from London to JFK in a 777 could be operated 3-4 different times in the day and under different flight #’s each time, just like real world airlines.

This means we are deleting every route we have so far, making room for the newer ones.

we are also updating the ranks. The airline at the moment has a temp. rank for its pilots, and hopefully we can get them back to their corresponding ranks quickly.

after this is done, we will work on updating the information on the website to relay the proper info/stats. for both seasoned and future pilots of Majestic Airways.

If anyone has any questions about the updates, please email me via the contact tab.

More info on the exact date that we will be fully done with the update and that the airline will be back on track will be released closer to that date. Not everything planned is set in stone right now, we are still coming up with a new list of potential destinations and hubs.

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