About Majestic Airways

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Welcome! Based at London, Heathrow, Majestic Airways is a fictional airline, meaning we are not based on a real world airline, and we make up our own routes, build our own fleet and manage the airline with a staff that is completely custom to Majestic Airways. Although staff is here to make sure operations at our hub’s and destinations around the world are running smoothly, we largely depend on pilot input, meaning that if pilots want to see new aircraft, new destinations etc.. we will do all we can to make it happen so that the pilots of Majestic Airways can fly happily, and have fun while at it.

We offer both intercontinental and international flights, so there are flights available to every kind of pilot. And for those of you who like to fly cargo, we will be building a cargo fleet consisting of the 757-200F, 767-300F, 747-400F and possibly the A330-200F.

We are always looking for new pilots, experienced or new, to fly either domestic or international flights. New pilots typically start off flying domestic, short-haul flights until they gain enough experience, while experienced pilots typically fly our A380 and 747’s on international long-haul flights. For a list of aircraft in our fleet (both passenger and cargo) and a list of airports we service, scroll down otherwise for pilots who wish to join Majestic Airways, go to the “New Pilots” tab in the menu.

As an extra, we are trying to gain enough active pilots to partner with online flight services such as VATSIM or IVAO, offering an added realism to our airline. In order to do this we need a minimum of 10 active pilots flying atleast 5 flights each a week.

Also, this website is updated frequently with new aircraft added to the fleet, new members, new destinations, new staff etc.  Most times it will be posted on the blog part of the website, and others you could just see on the websites home page, such as a new aircraft.

Fleet Information


A318 (3)

A319 (2)

A320-200 (2)

A320neo (1)

A380-800 (1)

B737-500 (1)

B737-800 (2)

B747-400 (2)

B757-200 (2)

B757-300 (1)

B767-300 (1)

B777-200 (1)

B777-300 (1)


B747-400F (1)

On Order:

Airports in Service:

New Airports are added often. This is not a complete list. If you have suggestions, please contact us.


EGLL Heathrow
EGPH Edinburgh
EGSS Stanstead
EGCC Manchester
EGGW Luton
EGNT Newcastle
EGGD Bristol
EGLC London city
EGBB Birmingham


LFPG Charles-de-Gualle
LFST Entzheim


LIRF Fiumicino
LIML Linate


EDDF Frankfurt
EDDM Munich


LEBL El Prat
LEMD Barajas
GCFV Fuerteventura


KJFK John F. Kennedy
KBOS Logan
KMIA Miami
KSFO San Fransisco
KLAX Los Angeles
KSAN Sandiego
KDFW Dallas Fort Worth
KSEA Seattle Tacoma
KMCO Orlando
KALB Albany
PHNL Honolulu


CYYZ Toronto


TNCM Princess Juliana

South America:

SAEZ Buenos Aires


EIDW Dublin

United Arab Emirates (UAE):

OMDB Dubai